• Mádi Buborék 2022.05.20-21.

    Mádi pezsgés a Szent Orbán napok alkalmával. Koncerttel és sok sok mádi buborékkal várjuk az érdeklődőket a Bercsényi utcában, a Tokaji Borbarátnők Borboltjában pedig a társaság pezsgői lesznek elérhetőek május.20.-21.-én.

  • Wines of Hungary

    Furmint – a thousand-faced variety If you had to draw a picture of the average Hungarian wine (which, as it is known, doesn’t exist), you would undoubtedly depict a barrel-aged, aromatic, but not aggressive white wine with a good structure made from ripe grapes. This is the kind of wine allowed for by the qualities of the Carpathian Basin and the centuries-old tradition of winemaking. But actually, that’s what we prefer when we want a really nice white wine. It should have excellent acids, a smooth feel to the touch, preferably with a hint of tannins, and a long, persistent finish. As for great white wines, some residual sugar doesn’t…